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February 2011



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Feb. 27th, 2011


I am back.. Ish

I really should never make promises of staying up to date on these posts of mine...
It never happens, and looking back it clearly has not happened for a very long time.
My apologies to those very very few who enjoy my ramblings.
What is new.
So much tis hard to write about, so I shall keep it entertaining and general.
Currently I am sitting in a computer lab at my local (only) university library waiting around and suddenly had the idea to post something for I am bored but also been compelled to write more of my so called 'memoirs' - In this case just a post as I wait for the one I call my girlfriend, the one facebook tells me I am 'in a relationship' with. Unlike times in the past this is actually a legit one and going quite well so these days been in a sort of romance bliss, this time the gal seems to fit perfectly with me. It is like finding that damned missing board game piece that's been missing for years preventing you to play your favourite game.
Soon I believe I can actually read Pablo Neruda and relate to it... soon enough.

On another note, because let's be honest, who the fuck cares about my love life...
I am a ponderer, it is what I do. I can sit an entire day and just think.
Think about how I was a bird in a past life and what sort of bird I would be. I think about all the works I want to create from scripts to plays to poetry, novels and memoirs and perhaps even drawings and sculptures, or maybe something crazy like a man eating machine.
I think about how fucked up money is and capitalism and the ever widening gap between the wealthy and poverty. I think of all those I could influence one day (probably after I am dead) with the power of my words, how the things that I be thinking shall be brought to life years from now by a whole community of people who use them for good to fight off the man eating corporations and the banks and the princes who point figures and laugh at us paupers.
I think of what I hope everyone thinks of, of important things I just think of them in a different way. I think so that in the end I can put these universal thoughts into words. Not just any words but words that when read will ignite that inspiration inside us all and start a fire that will destroy stereotypes and bigotry, of classism, religion, and the mindless buying of useless shit made my the poor we will never know. Hopefully we will be engulfed in flames of change, and I want to be one of the many to make that a reality...
One day. When I am long gone.
For now I shall just keep on thinking, and hopefully a writing, because really tis a waste to keep such things locked up inside my wandering mind. tis best to let it run free in language and text and the imagination of an entire society.

Till next time folks.


Mar. 13th, 2010


Because I can't concentrate and need to let some thoughts a-free...

It sounds beautiful outside. I just opened my window and the howling wind and the chirps of the arriving birds is just warming up my insider ear drums. It's great to not only see the approaching spring weather, but to hear it and smell it, and taste it, and feel it... and my sixth sense of imagination allows me to just dream about all the lovely things that can happen in such a grand climate.Though some may complain about the cold, seasonal weather of Canada, I must admit that I adore it. I would rather feel the entire spectrum of weather (no matter how cold it can get or mucky) than just the same old season time and time again.

I like to get the sense that the world around me is actually changing and moving and breathing and living. Cos it is, and often we forget that. We forget that we are just a tiny little creatures ontop an even grander planet, which is just a tiny part of an entire galaxy, which is just one among the however many... and who knows what is beyond that.

It's a magical thought. And one day I hope my mind can experience it all, even if it is just my imagination. Although imagination is by far the grandest, most marvelous thing ever, ever ever.

it's got to be said.


I should return back to writing my murder mystery radio play... I am behind schedule. I haven't even started my espionage essay, which I know will murder me tomorrow... Hence me needing to get this bloody play out of the way by tonight.

Preferably before Joanna Newsom at 6. Oh tis just not the day for the lovely elf-crooning harpest to be in town...



PS PIC: Joanna Newsom.Splendid.

Feb. 24th, 2010


Oh. Why hello there. I didn't see you.

Yes, Yes.
Tis indeed been a long time since I last posted here... I still adore livejournal and check it every chance I get, just seemed to astray from posting... honestly the idea of doing so just didn't really come to me till today when it was discussed about in a conversation...

SO yes. I shall give it another go about, I suppose sometimes I get hesitant to write my thoughts here since I tend to go to my notebook first and just get lost in it as I write crazy thoughts that come to my head...
it helps sometimes when my mind is just filled with ideas!

So many so that I thought I should share some, thought I doubt if there are people actually reading this...
But I hope there is someone and I say hi!
I am literally waving in your direction right now... type thid wuth ine hand.. the odd left one.

So yes...
THOUGHTS: I dont have any right now... so I figure I would write some random quotes from my notebook... not the one I'm currently writing in, but volume III..

(clears throat)

"Declare something, perhaps a nickname of mine" - when discussing how everyone pronounces my name differently, through no fault of their own, I rarely correct people after the first time... I kinda love that about my name, it just adapts to whoever is saying it. Kind of like myself... I am of the Artist generation after all * respect Strauss & Howe*.

Where was I...

"I keep seeing faces, well just one..."
"oddly i see arrows, as like doodle paint brush... i like the symbol of it... and what it means..."
- clearly I write just about everything and everything in these bloody things... they will be the end of me... or the beginning...
who is keeping track anyway.

I could continue to post absurd quotes from collection of notebooks, I quite literally have something written for everyday for the last few months. just name a day...

Just I shan't...

Oh idea idea!!!

Well won't tell it now... still early days of these posts, which I hope to expand on...



Nov. 25th, 2008


The Mad Scientist

So tis been a long time since i last posted here... tis been a busy few months, what with classes and all. speaking of classes, first semester is almost over and here I am posting a link to my final video assignment, it would be awesome if more people watched it...

PS how's everyone enjoying their TV shows so far? I am still plenty mad/sad about the whole Pushing Daisies getting canceled thing... so very very upset.

I shall be back soonish, once things start to get less hectic.


Sep. 23rd, 2008



So my friend and I have just started a new blog entitled What Have We Become?! Basically it is a random rambling-ish blog that discusses television (my area of expertise), film, music, literature, and probably a lot of other random things. We only just started, so excuse the amateur-ness of it all, but please read it, it would make me really happy!
anywho here is the link, and please comment and tell me what you think of it so far, and constructive criticism is much appreciated.

here is the link:

anywho, other than that not much is new with me, busy with school work, speaking of which i should really get back to writing this script and doing ALL this bloody paperwork. I no longer want to be a producer, at least not one that has to do paperwork... it's tedious and annoying.
what else.
just busy really... with both school, TV, and trying to fit in other stuff like the blog, hopefully a job, and volunteering... Let's see if i can do it all, specially since i am the least organized person.

okay well off i go to do work

Sep. 13th, 2008



Finally I come with pictures from the Toronto International Film Festival...
tomorrow (well today) is the last day of TIFF, and it has been a long few days...
I sat on my ass for hours holding a place on the red carpet for E! Canada, and while i wasn't doing that I was watching films (O' Horton, Burn After Reading, Rachael Getting Married, Cooper's Camera, Four Nights with Anna, and Me and Orson Welles)... and of course going to class.
without further ado, here are a few pictures that my friend, for the most part took, because she is the tall one with long arms, so she tends to reach further than i do... gives her an advantage. damn her and her 5'10 ness.

Clare Danes at the Me and Orson Welles premiere... she is really thin... well okay EVERYONE is really thin...

Zac Efron at the Me and Orson Welles premiere... its ridiculous how many teeny boppers were screaming his name... i felt out of place...

Brad Pitt at the Burn After Reading premiere... i will say now that i didn't meet him... twas my friend, I went in to get us good seats. i am not one to stand in a crowd of people just to get his autograph...

Tilda Swinton at the Burn After Reading premiere...

the cast and Coen brothers at the Burn After Reading premiere

Me and Peter Keleghan at the premiere of Cooper's Camera (funniest film ever!) I heart Peter, specially since he was in Slings & Arrows, one of my favorite shows... plus he is Canadian... and really nice, we talked for a bit.

the next two dudes, i don't know their names, but i know what they have been in... at this point i was actually in the media section, so i could almost touch them... but didnt.

the media section... crazy... at this point Anne Hathaway was there, so it was ridiculous...

Anne Hathaway about to enter the red carpet area...

more Anne... i took a lot of pictures of her...i'd like to think she was looking right at me, and instantly fell in love with me... a girl can dream

Anne, right in front of me...well between us stood the host and the cameraman ... but still

Rosemarie DeWitt, Rachael in Rachael getting Married... i liked her

Me... shocked! and i don't know why

Me... happy! and i don't know why


and Danny Glover. I don't know why he was there, because he wasnt in the film... but yeah.

well that's about it... i wish i had a picture of Jeffrey Rush, because I've seen him twice walking around Toronto, for no real reason... just wandering around.
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Sep. 6th, 2008



so only 3 days of TIFF has gone by, but I'm already tired... saw a little of Brad and Tilda and the Coen brothers yesterday, as well as Zack Efron, Claire Danes, and today I was uberly close to Anne Hathaway because I was able to stand in the media section with the camera men and hosts of various shows... it was pretty interesting, but not a glamorous jog at all considering I had to sit in line for hours all day... SOOO tired!!!
anywho I have a lot of pictures, but it will take me a while to sort through them, but I shall post them soonish...
I shall keep you all updated!

Sep. 1st, 2008



Tis been a while since I posted something here... not that I'm not on lj, no of course not, I'm ALWAYS lurking around, cuz thats what i do best... just haven't had anything to write about.. still don't really. Just thought i would do a pre-school post. classes start tomorrow... I'm excited, but also nervous about the intense amount of work that I will have to do this year. I told myself I won't slack off, like I did last year. I will get all A's and will be the ruler of the world.
I'm also trying to tell myself to keep writing scripts and stuff, I have to finish at least ONE of them. seriously, I can't finish anything.
umm what else.
Toronto International Film Festival starting this Thursday. that of course means intense film watching and full out stalker mood me. good times ahead.

ummm what else.

excited for FALL TV.

that is all I guess.

I'm super bored.
someone save me by flying to my window, opening my window, and sweeping me away to a far away place (Iceland).


Aug. 6th, 2008



i want to be a tv guru...
the end.

Aug. 5th, 2008



why the bloody hell won't ihearttvshows accept me... what have i done to them. i have plenty to offer. like love and tv shows and real hearts. i am pretty damn pissed, and if one of the ihearttvshows henchman/woman come across this i hope they become illiterate and go through like all alone and ugly.
fucking nazis, they have these 'requirements' and shit just for the sack of power... sure i get some of the requirements, but wtf. and like most idiots with power, they abuse it. fuck them
clearly i am mad. and i no longer know what i am talking about...
anywho, in other news i hate my resume and i have to write a new cover letter cuz i am applying for an internship at MTV canada... yes, i know, MTV, tis crappy, but i'm sure it is a fun place to work. plus i need an internship and get some experience in the industry.

that is all


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