Just writing away, across the millions of generations.

- edited in 2010, the year of the... we'll see... -

I'm eccentric. Or so seems the most common word used when being described by strangers. Yes. I befriend strangers, because I'm a stranger too.

I enjoy meeting people in parks, and at 3am waiting for the bus... I would also hate to meet someone in a parks or at 3am waiting for the bus who also wanted to murder me... or rape me.
Because I do have standards!
I love people. And I like listening to people talk about themselves and stories and such.
I also love to write. I like to think of myself as a writer.

I am indeed a huge fangirl. I love my TV shows and characters, like Harry Potter verse, and X-Men, Buffy to Grey's Anatomy... and at the moment in love with Glee and Skins and Misfits...
I love brits and robots and baked goods...

I try to watch and consume as much knowledge as I can, and I believe grand television series, literature, music, art, discussions, and just thoughts are marvelous things to collect knowledge points on...
cos knowledge is sexy. as sdrawkcab and I always say.

I don't quite know what else to write...